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10 July 1992
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Pffft, who reads bios anymore anyway? XD

Name: Athenas_Scribe, or Shiro. My real name is too boring!
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Blood Type: A negative (y'know, just in case someone were to experience massive blood loss >.> )
Favorite Food: Chocolate is my crack, I'll have you know.
Favorite Book: O.O Gosh, I dunno. I love so many! At the moment I love The Vampire Lestat.
Favorite Movie: The Lion King. Don't laugh!
Least Favorite Book: Twilight >:O

Acts of Social Rebellion: I reject your Twilight, and substitute it with Anne Rice! And your Myspace can go drown itself. No one goes on there anymore anyway XD

my pet!